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Margarita Chow said: 

Thanks for the great work! Wonderful opportunity to help each other. Margarita Chow Panama


Kathleen Havener said: 

I just found local counsel for my own client in Miami yesterday using this database. Rock on.


PAK / UAE Lawyers and Legal Advisers Online said: 

We would also like & love to talk as well as work with you. We hope nay sure that our firm PAK / UAE Lawyers and Legal Advisers Online assist with your needs as we hold licenses for all Lower & High Courts including Supreme Court of Pakistan of all 04 provinces and UAE. Best personal regards, truly indeed. Lawerly yours, INAMULLAH ANSARI (M.Sc, M.A, LL.B, ISO9000) Advocate High Courts, Corporate Counsellor, Researcher, Referral Relater, Lawful Interventionist & Collaborative Family Laws Practicing Professional @ Justice (R) Syed Haider Ali Pirzada Senior Most Advocate Supreme Court of Pakistan. Skype: pakanduae.lawyers Driving Directions: ttp:// +92(0)3332244634 / 3002176393. (KHI / LHR / ISB / UAE / GCC / MENA) 

Ayesha Dawood

Would love to take the lead on your referrals in SOUTH AFRICA as well as support in other parts of Africa.

Heather Kubiak said: 

After signing up with the woman2woman law referral website, I received a referral for a commercial litigation matter (pending in federal court), which is the exact type of work that I do. I would not have received this business without this referral from the site. Thank you to Kathleen for setting up this referral source! Heather Kubiak.


Arden Levy said: 

We need some Mississippi lawyers!

Daniela Romero said:

This is such a great idea! Thanks.

Angie Kares said: 

Hi Kathleen! I LOVE this concept! So many women don't know where to turn when they need help! Let's get together and find a way to collaborate and get this to the masses!! Angie 813-279-8045

Margarita said:

Thank you very much for all this work. It is an admirable act of LOVE. May God Bless you exceeding abundantly in every area of your life. Margarita

Jeanette Glass said: 

Great idea! Would you consider doing women accountants too?

Sara Fazio said:

Looks good!

Marianne Sorensen said: 

Great website! I hope all women lawyers will use this great resource. Thank you for all the work you've done!

Christy Prince said: 

This is a great idea -- thanks for putting so much time and initiative into developing the network, Kathleen!

Shannon Richards said: 

Thank you for doing this Kathleen --- It looks wonderful!